FTR Manager Auction Notice
PRI_OCT_2018 VAR_OCT_2018
Wednesday, 10 October 2018 Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Bid Window Open 1200 - 1630
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Auction Results available 1600 following day
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The FTR Manager monthly market operation service provider report includes information pertaining to the FTR Manager function performed by Energy Market Services (EMS) under contract to the Authority.
vSPD Tool
The Electricity Authority has created an "FTR Rentals" tool prototype to assist FTR participants in determining the likely rentals associated with each FTR period once the 2014 Allocation Plan is implemented.

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Latest Auction Results

VAR_OCT_2018 (summary) 

Please see the FTR Register to view all other results from this auction.

Source Sink Hedge 201811 201812 201901 201905 201906 201907
BEN HAY OPT $6.96 $3.06 $3.34 $4.51 $3.98 $4.05
HAY BEN OPT $- $1.20 $1.10 $1.40 $1.23 $1.24


The FTR Information System

Energy Market Services has been appointed by the Electricity Authority as the FTR Manager Service Provider. This service provider role was established following significant industry consultation and development of the Code requirements for FTRs. The initial project involved implementing a system to auction Financial Transmission Rights for the electricity market. The market system went live 23 May 2013, with the first FTR auction 12 June 2013.

Introduction to the FTR Market

If you would like to understand more about the FTR Market we recommend that you review our market overview "FTR Market - an explanatory document", which can be downloaded under the FTR Docs link. On this page you will also find the FTR Allocation Plan, the various FTR policy documents and website links to external information.

Market System

EMS has selected a fully integrated system from Nexant Inc, a world leader in this area. Nexant's i-Hedge Financial Transmission Rights System is a fully integrated system that will control and administer the FTR market, allowing accredited users to participate in the FTR auctions. Since 1996 Nexant has been at the forefront in the fields of market based congestion arrangements and transmission rights working with all of the established ISOs in the US.

The FTR information system is designed for Internet Explorer v11.


  1. EMS, as FTR Manager, will only accept a party as an FTR participant if the party meets all of the following requirements:

  • Meets the prudential requirements in relation to FTRs set out in Part 14 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code), as determined by the Clearing Manager under the Code.

  • Is a natural person resident in New Zealand, a body corporate that is incorporated in New Zealand, or a person with a branch office or other substantial physical presence in New Zealand through which it conducts its FTR participation.

  • Has provided the FTR Manager with either:

    1. a current and valid eligible investor certificate under clause 41 of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA) in respect of the issue or sale of FTRs, together with a written confirmation of the certification in accordance with clause 43 of schedule 1 of the FMCA; or

    2. a current and valid wholesale investor certificate under clause 44 of Schedule 1 of the FMCA

  • Is registered by the Electricity Authority as an Industry Participant under section 9 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 as a trader in electricity

  • Agrees to the standard FTR participation agreement,
    (authorised persons)

  1. Information about FTRs made available by EMS through any medium (FTR information) is not:

  • advice on, or a recommendation of, FTRs or any other investment, financial product or risk management arrangement

  • an offer or solicitation by EMS to issue or deal in FTRs or any other investment, financial product or risk management arrangement; or

  • directed to any person who is not an authorised person

  1. Clause 2(c) applies to all FTR information including FTR information that is or may be accessible to persons who are not authorised persons, for example on the Internet or by being distributed outside New Zealand by persons to whom EMS initially made the FTR information available. No recipient of FTR information is authorised to distribute it outside New Zealand

  2. Prior to any person acquiring, entering into or dealing in any investment, financial product or risk management arrangement they should obtain their own tax, legal and financial advice

  3. The FTR auction, reconfiguration auction and assignment facilities provided by EMS as FTR Manager are not licensed financial product markets under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 or otherwise. However, those facilities and the FTR Manager are regulated under the Electricity Industry Act 2010, Electricity Industry (Enforcement) Regulations 2010 and Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010